Who are we?

BPT was established in 1885 by Edmund Glanzmann as a cotton spinning and weaving mill. Because of the lack of the electric power, BPT built its first hydro power plant 1902 and by 1936 there were four hydro power plants producing energy for the factory.

The fabric production was discontinued in 2004 and since then our main activity is electricity production. All four hydro power plants were renewed through years 2008 – 2014, they are fully automated and operate on the latest technologies.

We own real estate – ex-factory complex in Tržič and some commercial buildings that are being leased out. In the moment we are actively renovating the ex-factory complex in Tržič, which is set to become a lively area with versatile activites, from housing to business activites, sports and light industry.

We are located in north-western part of Slovenia, a 30 minute drive from Ljubljana.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for brave and passionate entreprenours with proof of concept of disruptive technologies in energy sector. We are focusing on energy storage, renewable energy sources and waste.

We are looking for entreprenours, preferably in the SEE region, that seek active investors at the beginning of their journery.

What do we offer?

Next to financial investments up to 150.000 EUR, we are offering help with business development, legal counselling and working space (within certain limitations).

Most importantly we are offering the opportunity to test certain technologies on our hydroelectric power plants and counselling from our experts.

We are not only looking for investment opportunities, our mission is to build partnerships.