Hydro power

BPT’s production has grown pretty rapidly in the beginning and needed extra power to satisfy production needs. Therefore, BPT built a chain of four hydropower plants along stream Mošenik. First – and the biggest – hydropower plant started with production of electricity in 1904. Other three hydropower plants were built from 1923 to 1934. Until 1970 only BPT’s hydropower plants were supplying energy to BPT factory, however after 1970 BPT’s needs exceeded production and BPT had to connect to distribution network. The hydropower plants ran on their original equipment until 2007, when we started with a very complex renovation that was finished in 2014.

BPT’s hydropower plants are running on state-of-the-art technology and are connected to distribution network as a provider of flexibility reserves on tertiary level. We are proud to play an important part in transformation towards carbon neutral Europe.